Future Science, or Present Reality?

From – – i love these things: multiple people describing exactly what they saw.

Now, this lifter is presented with a good explanation on electrogravitic systems –

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Keeping the UFO quest as scientific as possible…

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First and foremost…

First and foremost, this blog in no way implicitly correlates antigravity technology with alleged sightings of aliens. Sure, the two are sometimes mentioned together and even allegedly sighted together, but this site intends to be more evidence oriented. One assumption here is that amongst all the sightings of unusual and unknown craft flying in the skies, something is there. Not all are legitimate sightings, but something is flying around up there. Now obviously the field of antigravity is not thoroughly exposed like conventional aerospace dynamics, but enough effort and even some known progress has been made that enables us to understand, along with enough sightings, that there’s a good chance some craft are being propelled by forms of propulsion enough advanced that we can conclude they are being hidden from the public eye – somehow. Let us venture into the potentially very real world of antigravity, with a critical mind in the hopes that a solid explanation can be exposed to the world…

One excellent site of interest is Please pay them a visit, and check out their instructional videos as well as Patent Design books with legitimate patent information – all their diagrams are taken from the the US Patent Office.

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Levitating the thinking inside the box¬†- provokative math regarding gravitational propusion. Here, Stan Deyo lectures with some pretty cool stuff – local gravity created by rotational conservation of momentum… etc…

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Stan Deyo lecture – Part 1 of 8


Stan Deyo lecturing – Part 1 of 8

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About Antigravity Craft

Antigravity Craft covers topics ranging from scientific experiments done in the field of levitation [not related to claims of those done by religious groups by human or "spirit" powers], including those done using high-voltage, electrogravitic field propulsion, high-speed spinning of ferro fluid in a torsion ring, etc., and not to exclude magnetic field manipulation Рamong others, to sightings of flying craft appearing to use advanced propulsion. Please leave your thoughts regarding this matter!

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